Should you hire someone to manage your social?

Being in the business of helping other businesses to maximize efficiency, scale realistically, and function effectively, I find that there’s a topic that makes almost all businesses owners cringe. No, I’m not talking about the feeling of exhaustion and overwhelming sense of doom clouding their better judgement (we’ll save that can of worms for another post). I’m talking about – gah – social media!

There are so many businesses that seem frozen in fear when it comes to approaching social media for their business. They all know they need to jump on the bandwagon – their reason? Simple, “Everyone is doing it!” But how should they do it? Well, that’s the stickler.

This is why I thought to take a minute and help business owners (you) in exploring some pros and cons to hiring someone to manage it for you, or doing it yourself.

Knowing why you plan on investing either your precious time or hard earned money into your business is an essential part in determining how successful you’ll be – social media, or otherwise.

One thing is for sure, when you embark on your social media journey, you must, I repeat – must, commit to being consistent. That’s when all the fame and glory comes (and of course, offering your followers/subscribers something they consider beneficial).

So for some direction. The thing I do best! (Well, actually it’s a toss between that and talking!)

The Pros and Cons to Hiring a Social Media Manager vs Doing it Yourself

1. Time Factor

Pro: It frees up your time so you can focus on the things you actually like doing and the tasks that leverage your skillset. If you struggle so much that it monopolizes your time and you can’t get your work done, it may be worth letting go and having an ‘expert’ do it for you. You’ll probably make more money focused on your craft anyway.

Con: If the person you’ve hired doesn’t have your personality and isn’t educated enough in your company culture, then they will struggle to give your audience an authentic experience – this has the potential of slowing down the entire process of growing a loyal fan base. If this is the route you want to take, know that you’ll need to invest some time to get them in your headspace so they can better communicate your message. Time investment now = freedom for you later.

2. Learning Curve

Pro: You’ll be creating your online footprint and eventually be driving organic traffic your way, without the annoyance of dealing with the ‘learning curve’ (proper hashtags, trends, going live, posting stories, responses etc.) There’s something to be said for leaving it to the ‘experts.’

Con: It’s true, you are missing opportunities without an online presence, but if you aren’t creating enough revenue to sustain outsourcing this work, you’ll be at greater loss and won’t be able to help your business in areas that would have a greater impact. If you need to do it for yourself, start with the basics and focus one one platform at a time. Learning how to best leverage one space at a time will be easier on your schedule, and help you build confidence to move on to a new platform when you’re ready.

3. Consistency

Pro: You can ensure regular online activity. If someone else is delegated the task, sets a schedules and is paid to follow it, then chances are you’ll be making leaps in maintaining consistency. One BIG check off the to-do list!

Con: Consistency in social media is gold; however, the concerning factor is ensuring the person you hire for the job can remain consistent in your brand voice/values too. It’s important the person you hire has clear direction from you on what your business and brand is all about. Otherwise, their consistent efforts may not speak to your ideal client.

The Sitch:

There are definitely advantages to hiring a social media manager: time, efficiency and the effectiveness of using social media as a leveraging tool, but you’ll need someone you can trust (someone special, someone invested!).

Doing it on your own: it’s cost effective, it’s the greatest form of offering your potential customers’ value, but it often isn’t consistent because as a small business owner, you’re already wearing so many hats! If you opt for to doing it yourself, consider creating a realistic schedule and sticking to it. You might even want look into hiring a virtual assistant to help you post and manage your accounts, but you can be the go-to in terms of creating content and ensuring it’s as passionate as you are about your business.

There’s no one size fits all in business. Strategy is important for growth, but your best step forward is to understand your superpower(s) and make it shine – your way! 

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