Is It Time For A Work Vacay?

In the fall last year, my friend Diana from Indulge Interiors and I were talking about how we were running into creative roadblocks. Our routine was making it difficult to think outside the box and get a fresh perspective on our business goals. We talked about getting away for a few days, but our schedules didn’t align. On one particular day, while scrolling through my IG feed, I noticed The June Motel’s last call for a ‘work vacay.’ Offering special rates on their rooms to get away and get some work done in their collaborative space. I immediately messaged D and asked if she would be available to take off in a couple of days and we booked it within minutes.

We arrived late on Wednesday evening and settled into our fabulous room. We snacked on a simple, yet delicious charcuterie plate that was included in our package. Oh, and did I mention wine? Prince Edward County is wine country in these parts, and so there was no shortage of grapes. Especially their signature rosé.

We woke up the next morning ready to tackle our to-do lists! Marched over to the reception desk, asked about getting set up in their space and here’s what happened:

We opened up about our fears.

It seems that all of the things we had been dying to say to one another just came out like word vomit. She talked about concerns she had with the direction of her business. I did the same. We talked about all of the dreams we had and discussed how some days it all seems like an impossible feat. As the day went on, conversations became more personal, and we had a new understanding of one another. What a revelation this was for the both of us.

We focused without interruption.

After the tears and a delicious breakfast cup, we began to focus on getting some work done. After all,  we both had our list of items to complete. The goal was to hang out in a cool space and focus on getting past some of our mental blocks on this little getaway, and we most definitely did. She plugged away on her end of the long table, and I did the same on the other corner.  Giving each other space to work on our different projects, but always available to one another should we need help or guidance.

We walked away with a fresh perspective.

After a couple of glasses of rosé, a bowl of flavoured popcorn and a gorgeous sunset view of the Picton waterfront, we started to gather our things to retreat to our room. That evening we felt incredibly grateful for the opportunity to get away and work ON our business instead of IN our business. Taking ourselves out of our routine allowed us to focus our energies on areas of our work that needed attention, and the result was making some significant changes in our daily flow to reach our goals.

Today, I’m working independently full time. This mini-vacay gave me the clarity I needed to streamline my offerings, and I’ve managed to continue booking clients ever since. And while there’s still a lot of work to be done on my end to grow, this little getaway was the perfect first step to reach my current business goals.

Want to experience the June and their fabulous staff? You can find them on IG Here!

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