Clean your damn lens

Imagine walking into an auditorium with hundreds of people to learn about taking better photographs with your smartphone. You hope to walk away with all kinds of tools tucked into your belt so you can tackle social media like a wizard or simply capture some of life’s greatest moments with a new feature or function. Everyone sits.  The speaker arrives. The room gets quiet. The first words out of his mouth are (and of course I am paraphrasing)…
For the love of all that is good, clean your damn lens before you take a picture!
Now, it would seem odd to say that this moment changed the way I take pictures, but that day, at  Adobe MAX- The Creativity Conference in sunny San Diego California, that itty bitty piece of information was worth the long trek all on its own. (Thanks team Paleoethics for the opportunity.) How many times a day are you touching your phone? Odds are you’re reading this very post from the palm of your hands. Just moments after eating a sloppy sandwich, chasing your messy kids or touching your hair and face. Your hands are clean after a good rinse with soap, but it doesn’t take long for them to be icky again. Plus, your makeup, natural oils and hair products get all up in your lens grill making it nearly impossible to get a good clean shot to showcase your product, service or to simply share a picture of the people, places and things you love.

What can you do about it?

Clean your damn lens. Use your t-shirt. Your scarf. Wipe it down with your damn sock if you need to (the top part, not so much the stinky bottom), but please give it a good wipe. Don’t believe it makes a difference? Here’s the perfect example with a Julia from The Quirky Carrot.

No filter. No altering of any kind. I just wiped the lens clean. You can take your social game up 50 points with this simple tidbit of information. Oh, and this applies to videos in your story, snaps, IG posts. All of it. Whether you’re trying to grow your following, sell your product or capture a snapshot of someone you love, it’s worth the eight and a half seconds to make sure it looks clean and crisp!


Okay. I’ll stop talking about this for now. But don’t be surprised if I give you a concerned look when you grab your dirty phone like a crazy person to document something and throw it to the interwebs. I’ll be on you like white on rice.

<h6>Have you checked your pictures yet? Go ahead. I’ll wait while you cringe at some of the shots you’ve taken with residue from the popcorn you were snacking on.

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